Where to Buy Nootropics

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2018)

where to buy nootropics online

Trustworthy vs Untrustworthy Vendors

For many new people who develop a curiosity and interest in nootropics, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even if you’ve already decided which nootropics you want to purchase, you may have a difficult time in knowing which vendors are trustworthy.

The nootropics and supplement industry in general is very unregulated as most nootropics are considered dietary supplements. As a result of this fact, it may seem sketchy to buy nootropics from a website that you know nothing about. Many people are rightly concerned if the products they are ordering are safe to take. There are a lot of different places to buy nootropics online and it can be a bit overwhelming to know which websites are legitimate and trustworthy.

In this post I will clear up any confusion or doubt by providing a list of the most reliable vendors to use to purchase nootropics. The best nootropic vendors are the oldest and most popular ones that have held up to scrutiny over time. These most reputable vendors are known for being consistently reliable and for having tight quality control measures in place. While the newer, less popular vendors may indeed have legitimate products, they impose an inherent risk over the older and well-established websites.


List of Trustworthy Vendors:

Nootropics Depot

Natrium Health

Pure Nootropics


CosmicNootropic for Russian customers

Mind Nurition for EU customers


Amazon/Retail Vendors:


Kirkland Signature


Now Foods

Doctor’s Best



List of Vendors to Avoid:

Cerebral Health (www.cerebralhealth.com/)

Nootrabiolabs (bionootropics.com)

Absorb Health (www.absorbyourhealth.com/)

Powder City (www.powdercity.com/) – Powder City was shutdown and later purchased by Absorb Health in order to use their brand name to sell their illegitimate products.

Bulk Supplements (www.bulksupplements.com/)



Additional Resources

Labdoor.com – Supplement Ratings & Reviews – Labdoor is an independent third-party testing lab that randomly analyzes specifically requested products to test for purity and quality. It is an excellent resource to use to determine which products are of the highest quality and highest value, as well as having peace of mind in knowing that the product is safe (at least the current batch that was tested).


Reddit’s nootropics subreddit reliable suppliers list

According to this list, there are additional vendors that are considered trustworthy. These include: Nootropics.com, New Mind, Relentless Improvement, and Pure Bulk.

I do not have experiences with any of these nootropic vendors myself, and I do not believe they sell any nootropics that the others vendors don’t already, so I can’t necessarily recommend them.


A brief video of mine that summarizes where to buy nootropics.

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