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where to buy nootropics online

How to Recognize Trustworthy vs Untrustworthy Vendors

Interested in purchasing nootropics, but overwhelmed by all the options? You’re not alone. Even if you’ve already decided which nootropics to purchase, you may have a difficult time in knowing which vendors are trustworthy.

The nootropics and supplement industry is unregulated in many countries, and in the US almost all nootropics are considered dietary supplements. As a result of this fact, it may seem sketchy to purchase nootropics from a website that you know nothing about. Many people are rightly concerned if the products they are ordering are safe to take. Buying nootropics online can be confusing when it’s unclear which sellers are legitimate and trustworthy.

Most people may end up picking a seller based off price or reviews. Both of these are poor metrics to go off of. Its increasingly common for companies to employ shady marketing practices that involves paying people for fake reviews, and by that metric it’s hard to trust anyone. You do not want to skimp out on quality when it comes to nootropics, and it’s worth paying for products that are of the highest quality.

The best nootropic sources tend to be the oldest vendors have held up to scrutiny over time. The most reputable places to purchase nootropics have excellent quality control practices and for provide certificates of authenticity for their products. If a company doesn’t provide certificates of authenticity then you’re making a big risk and putting blind faith into their quality control. The following list is a nootropic suppliers that have the highest-quality products in the industry.


List of Trustworthy Nootropic Vendors


nootropics depot

Nootropics Depot has been around for a long time and are well-known for their high-quality products, customer service, and reliability. They the only nootropics vendor around uses which uses uses both in-house testing labs and 3rd-party independent testing facilities.

ND offers a wide range of products that can cover many different needs. They also offer some original products that they have developed themselves, often unique plant extracts and formulations.

Best of all, they have an active presence on Reddit’s /r/nootropics. The owner of the website, (/u/MisterYouAreSoDumb) is very active on that subreddit as well, and as such ND has very strong reputation for their expertise and trustworthyness.

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Cosmic Nootropic is a nootropics vendor based out of Russia that specializes in selling rare nootropics primarily of Russian origin.

They have a very impressive product list and offer many rare and unique medical-grade nootropics. There products are sourced directly from major pharmaceutical companies, which should give you peace of mind in knowing they are safe and of are medicically pure. They can also provide official documentation and certificates of authenticity for each batch of their products

They ship to almost every country worldwide including the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the US. There have never been any reported issues of packages being seized by customs in the US, due to the fact that nootropics are unregulated by the US government.

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Nootropics.com is a nootropics vendor that uses the same testing facilities as Nootropics Depot. They tianeptine, racetams, phenibut, and adrafinil; all of which are powerful drugs that should only be bought from the highest-quality sources.

In fact, Nootopics.com is the only reliable vendor left that sells Tianeptine, which has become almost impossible to find except for shady dealers that sell contaminated or fake products. They provide certificates of authenticity for their products and are by far the best source for tested and medically pure Tianeptine.

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BuyModa sells high quality Modafinil and Armodafinil directly from multinational pharmacies. Products include Modalert (Modafinil) and Wakalert (Armodafinil) from Sun Pharma.

They offer full refunds on shipments that are not successfully delivered, and accepts payment via credit/debit card. They also offer a 25% discount for paying in bitcoin.

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Additional Resources

Labdoor.com – Supplement Ratings & Reviews

Labdoor is an independent third-party testing lab that randomly analyzes specifically requested products to test for purity and quality. It is an excellent resource to use to determine which products are of the highest quality and highest value, as well as having peace of mind in knowing that the product is safe.


Reddit’s /r/nootropics reliable nootropic suppliers list

According to this list, there are additional vendors that are considered trustworthy. These include: New Mind, Relentless Improvement, Pure Bulk, Mind Nutrition, and Liftmode.

I do not have experiences with any of these nootropic vendors myself, but I have heard good things about Liftmode and I know they have been around for a long time.



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