Nootropics Depot Review


History of Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot is a popular nootropics vendor which has been around for many years. About three years ago, they were about to shutdown, much to the surprise of the community that they had worked so hard to support. Rather than getting shut down, the company underwent new ownership – this new ownership changed ND’s future for the better.

Since their ownership change in the fall of 2015, NootropicsDepot has had a substantial boost in reputation. The owner of ND is an active moderator on the /r/nootropics subreddit, who goes by the handle /u/MisterYouAreSoDumb.

This was the same owner of the former behemoth known as Ceretropic – a highly acclaimed vendor that was wildly popular for their unique and innovative products. It’s very clear that the new ownership cares a great deal about the community and this is reflected by ND’s excellent customer service and reputation.

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A Leader of the Industry

With all that said, there are still some very strong nootropic vendors that still remain today. ND stands out as being one of the leaders of the industry.

Why are they taking the industry by storm and becoming the de facto leader? There are a few key reasons for this, which I will outline below:

  1. Quality
  2. Reliability
  3. Product Line
  4. Testing & Analysis

Quality: ND’s products are truly top-notch and can be compared to pharmaceutical-grade products in terms of their quality. Pure, unadulterated, and consistent. No gimmicks, no misleading claims, and no BS.

Reliability: ND is known for being very reliable and is becoming a bit of a “gold standard” in many communities. Simple google “nootropics depot reviews” and you will find many reports on communities such as /r/nootropics and longecity where users can attest to their positive experiences. They have excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and are considered highly trustworthy.

Product Line: ND offers a wide range of both mainstream and niche products. While they might not offer some of the more rare and unusual substances, they do have an impressive product line overall. This is highly convenient for people who prefer to purchase things in bulk, because you will likely be able to find almost everything you need in one go.

Testing &Analysis: ND is known for having excellent quality control practices. This is because they utilize both in-house and independent 3rd-party testing facilities, with a complete laboratory and full-time analytical chemist to analyze their products.

They routinely analyze their products for purity using sophisticated testing techniques such as HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) which identifies, delineates, quantifies every part of a product, and FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) which uses infrared light to scan and analyze chemical properties.

They also verify plants used in herbal products as well as the ratio and amounts of its active ingredients. This is something most companies do not do and as such their products very often contain illegitimate and contaminated ingredients that do more harm than good.

In short, ND has the best quality control and quality assurance in the entire industry.


The Challenges Selling and Purchasing Nootropics

The nootropics and supplement industry is a rather tricky one in many countries due to the fact that these substances are largely unregulated.

Many of these substances exist in a legal grey area and these companies inevitably seem to run into problems despite having ethical practices and procedures. Furthermore, many companies may have trouble finding payment processors that are willing to work with them.

This was seen with the wildly popular nootropic vendor Ceretropic which had to shut down due to struggles in finding debit/credit card companies to work with them. Today, some companies are still facing similar difficulties in establishing effective payment methods.

Many companies have been forced to use offshore payment processing sources, which can be costly and decrease their profitability. As such, it is essential to select a vendor that does not cut corners on quality control and product testing.


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