Aniracetam, the Cerebral Nootropic for Enhanced Creativity





Aniracetam is a slightly more potent, fat soluble version of Piracetam.

Like Piracetam, it appears to increase blood flow and activity in regions of the cortex responsible for collective and abstract thought. It also has strong neuroprotective effects as well. Like other racetams, Aniracetam can enhance memory and learning memory due to its affinity with the cholinergic, and may be more effective when supplemented with a choline

However, aniracetam differs from Piracetam in that it has more notable effects on other systems in the brain. Specifically, it effects the glutaminergic system even more so than Piracetam, and is technically classified as an Ampakines are a very unique class of drugs that are known for modulating the glutaminergic system via the AMPA receptor.

The AMPA receptor is a type of glutamate receptor, which are responsible for neuronal excitation. The AMPA receptor is unique because unlike the other receptors, it actually prevents over-excitation (excitotoxic)

This means that an ampakine drug like aniracetam does not have the potential for neuronal damage, which should already be a given of anything falling under the category of “nootropic”, but I digress.

Aniracetam’s modulation of the AMPA receptor (which in turn effects many other systems in the brain) also has a series of indirect, downstream effects that ultimately provide additional benefits beyond cognitive-enhancement and improved memory and learning.

These additional, indirect benefits appear to result primarily in anti-depressive and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), which are most likely caused by an indirect release of dopamine and

In short, Aniracetam is has the benefit of both improving cognition and mood. It has improves memory and learning, with anxiolytic and anti-depressive qualities, as well as thought enhancing properties. Aniracetam may be an effective agent for studying which requires focus and effective memory encoding.

I have found aniracetam to be a fascinating drug like Piracetam, however in my experience I could not reliably get it to work as well for me as Piracetam. Anecdotally, I have heard that many people seem to respond to either Piracetam or Aniracetam quite strongly, but usually not both.



Where to Purchase Aniracetam

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Aniracetam Dosage Information

The half-life is quite short at 35, so doses may need to be spread throughout the day. Typical doses are 500-750mg which are taken up to 4x a day if not more. Since it is fat-soluble, it will likely help to take with a fatty meal, though it appears to still be effective even in a fasted state, so this may not be necessary.


Aniracetam Stack Advice

Since aniracetam increases the rate of acetylcholine turnover in the brain, should be taken with nootropics that provide acetylcholine. Regardless of which substance you decide to use, stick with the same recommended doses when using this stack.

Ex: if using alpha-gpc, start with a normal dose of 150mg even if you take it with aniracetam.






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