Hi there and welcome to my new site. I have been interested in nootropics for years now and I have a thorough understanding of the psychopharmacology behind them as well as a lot of subjective experience.

My interest in nootropics comes from a desire to become as efficient and sharp of a person as possible. Nootropics are a tool like anything else and when used in the right way, they can radically shape your life.

Nootropics are still a fairly misunderstood phenomenon and it is often difficult to find quality information about them. I created this site to clear up any of the mystery and confusion surrounding nootropics, supplements, smart drugs, etc. by providing concise and practical information about what these substances are, how they work, and what they do.

Above everything else, my goal is to maintain a skeptical, critical attitude about these substances. Far too often I see others indiscriminately tout every substance out there by sensationalizing them with unsubstantiated evidence. And worse, I often see many sites providing superficial and flat out wrong information about these substances.

I want to clear up any confusion and leave you feeling confident enough to take the plunge into the world of nootropics. I will dive deep as I can and provide all the information you could ever need to make an informed decision about the use of these substances.